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Augmented Learning and Reasoning

The Augmented Learning and Reasoning group’s mission is to augment AI models, technology, and people with new capabilities to transform what is possible. The group brings together expertise in Microsoft Research across different professional and academic disciplines to work together to accomplish this mission. Our expertise includes artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and information retrieval as well as other areas.

Together with our product partners, our team has developed technology that has improved product offerings in Office, Visual Studio, Cortana and Bing.

We currently have applications open for interns and postdoctoral researchers on our career opportunity page. We are always interested in working with individuals who are ready to think broadly, focus deeply, and work as a team to advance the state-of-the-art and impact the world. We invite you to learn more about us on our respective profile pages.



Portrait of Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of Carolyn Buractaon

Carolyn Buractaon

Senior Program Manager

Portrait of Nick Caurvina

Nick Caurvina

Software Engineer II

Portrait of Jonathan McLean

Jonathan McLean

Senior Software Engineer

Portrait of Jennifer Neville

Jennifer Neville

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Corby Rosset

Corby Rosset

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Tobias Schnabel

Tobias Schnabel

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Adith Swaminathan

Adith Swaminathan

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Bryan Tower

Bryan Tower

Principal Software Engineer

Portrait of Shane Williams

Shane Williams

Principal Research Software Engineer

Portrait of Chenyan Xiong

Chenyan Xiong

Principal Researcher