Augmented Learning and Reasoning Group Mar 2023
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Augmented Learning and Reasoning

The Augmented Learning and Reasoning group in Microsoft Research develops algorithmic methods to improve LFM-based AI system performance by utilizing large-scale user and system signals. Through the study of in-situ behavior, we aim to improve our understanding of AI systems and use new insights to drive innovations in personalization, recommendations, prompt optimization, RAG, and LFM fine tuning.

The group brings together expertise in Microsoft Research across different academic subdisciplines to work together on this mission including artificial intelligence, machine learning, recommender systems, natural language processing, and information retrieval. Together with our product partners, our team has developed technology that has improved product offerings in Office, Bing, Visual Studio, and Cortana.

We currently have applications open for interns and full-time researchers on our career opportunity page. We are always interested in working with individuals who have a strong interest in pushing the boundaries of learning and reasoning with foundation models and who are ready to think broadly, focus deeply, and work as a team to advance the state-of-the-art. We invite you to learn more about us on our respective profile pages.