Cloud Operations Research (CORE) – MSR



The CORE group conducts applied research in the area of Operations Research (OR).  The group has two key focus areas. The group designs and builds optimization components that run efficiently at scale. Furthermore, the group identifies application areas where optimization techniques can play a pivotal role; specifically, we target two subareas:

  • Cloud resource management. Examples include process/VM allocation, scheduling, memory management (e.g., in SQL), WAN routing. Current focus is on optimization for cloud efficiency, in close collaboration with the company’s product groups and MSR’s Cloud Efficiency group.
  • Logistics and transportation. Examples include optimization solutions for Field and Retail in Dynamics’365. We are also interested in OR aspects of emerging shared-mobility systems and smart-city initiatives.



Prof. Patrick Jaillet, MIT (Aug. 2018)
Prof. Niv Buchbinder, Tel-Aviv University (Aug.-Nov. 2019)