Established: March 27, 2000

The charter of the Database Group at Microsoft Research Redmond is to increase the usefulness of database system technology to users by creating, extending, and applying database technology. To that end, we consult with product groups at Microsoft and take part in exploratory research projects in several data management systems topics. See our current projects list for an overview of our active research areas.

The Database group has a long tradition of building systems as part of our research. Several of our projects have contributed major technical innovations to Microsoft products. Examples include the Hekaton main-memory OLTP engine, SQL Server Apollo column storage, and the StreamInsight event processing system.

Selected Professional Activities

We actively participate in the database research community. Current activities include the following Conferences activities, and Editorships and Board Memberships:

Major Conferences

Editorships and Board Memberships






Established: September 19, 2013

Trill is a high-performance in-memory incremental analytics engine. It can handle both real-time and offline data, and is based on a temporal data and query model. Trill can be used as a streaming engine, a lightweight in-memory relational engine, and…


Established: November 21, 2011

The streams research project proposes novel architectures, processing techniques, models, and applications to support time-oriented queries over temporal and real-time data streams. This research shipped in 2010 as Microsoft StreamInsight - a commercial stream processing system that is part of…


Hekaton Breaks Through

By Janie Chang In an online, on-demand world, the ability to respond quickly to requests for data has become a significant challenge. Take bwin, for example. In order to attract and retain customers, bwin, the world’s largest regulated online gaming company,…

December 2012

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