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Deep Reinforcement Learning for Games

With over two billion players in the world, AI is poised to transform the landscape of gaming experiences and the games industry itself. Microsoft’s vision for gaming is a world where players are empowered to play the games they want, with the people they want, whenever they want, where-ever they are, and on any device. As part of the Machine Intelligence theme, and in close collaboration with the Xbox Gaming division, we drive towards this transformation through world-leading deep reinforcement learning research.


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Project Malmo

Our research on multi-agent learning aims to develop intelligent agents that can collaborate with people, in applications ranging from video games to assistive technology. As we endeavour to unravel the principles of multi-agent learning and collaboration, our research is facilitated by the Project Malmo, our open-source experimentation platform built on the game Minecraft.

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Project Paidia

The focus of Project Paidia is to drive state of the art research in reinforcement learning to enable novel applications in modern video games, in particular: agents that learn to collaborate with human players.




Portrait of Richard Banks

Richard Banks

Principal Design Manager

Portrait of Dave Bignell

Dave Bignell


Portrait of Micah Carroll

Micah Carroll

Research Intern

Portrait of Sam Devlin

Sam Devlin

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Raluca Georgescu

Raluca Georgescu

Research Software Engineer II

Portrait of Katja Hofmann

Katja Hofmann

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Guy Leroy

Guy Leroy

Associate Researcher

Portrait of Stephanie Milani

Stephanie Milani

Research Intern

Portrait of Tom Minka

Tom Minka

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Jaroslaw Rzepecki

Jaroslaw Rzepecki

Senior Research Software Engineer

Portrait of Mingfei Sun

Mingfei Sun


Portrait of Panagiotis Tigkas

Panagiotis Tigkas

Research Intern

Portrait of Jonathan Tims

Jonathan Tims


Portrait of Yordan Zaykov

Yordan Zaykov

Principal Research Engineering Manager

Portrait of Evelyn Zuniga

Evelyn Zuniga

Associate Researcher/Technical Program Manager


Portrait of Ron Amit

Ron Amit

Research Intern

Portrait of Batu  Aytemiz

Batu Aytemiz

PhD Student

Portrait of Jacob Beck

Jacob Beck

Research Intern

Portrait of Vincent Fortuin

Vincent Fortuin

Research Intern

Portrait of Raluca Gaina

Raluca Gaina

Research Intern

Portrait of Christian Guckelsberger

Christian Guckelsberger

Research Intern

Portrait of Jayesh Gupta

Jayesh Gupta

Research Intern

Portrait of Maximilian Igl

Maximilian Igl

Research Intern

Portrait of Oliver Kilian

Oliver Kilian

Research Engineer

Portrait of Andre Kramer

Andre Kramer

Research Engineer

Portrait of Nate Kushman

Nate Kushman

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Xiaoyu Lu

Xiaoyu Lu

Research Intern

Portrait of Yuxiang Li

Yuxiang Li

Research Intern

Portrait of Robyn McMillan

Robyn McMillan

Research Intern

Portrait of Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson

Research Engineer

Portrait of Adrian O'Grady

Adrian O'Grady

Principal Research Engineer

Portrait of Nadzeya Paleyes

Nadzeya Paleyes

Research Program Manager

Portrait of Roberta Raileanu

Roberta Raileanu

Research Intern

Portrait of Tabish Rashid

Tabish Rashid

Research Intern

Portrait of Dino Ratcliffe

Dino Ratcliffe

Research Intern

Portrait of Caroline Rizzi Raymundo

Caroline Rizzi Raymundo

Research Intern

Portrait of David Robertson

David Robertson

Research Intern

Portrait of David Sweeney

David Sweeney

Senior Designer

Portrait of Aristide Tossou

Aristide Tossou

Research Intern

Portrait of Sebastian Tschiatschek

Sebastian Tschiatschek

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Quan  Vuong

Quan Vuong

Research Intern

Portrait of Haiyan Zhang

Haiyan Zhang

Chief of Staff, Xbox

Portrait of Luisa Zintgraf

Luisa Zintgraf

Research Intern