Systems Research NYC

Systems Research NYC




The Systems research group in NYC investigates a wide variety of topics within distributed systems, operating systems, and networking, as well as the theory relevant to these areas. In addition to “traditional” systems research, we also engage in deep collaborations with other research groups in the NYC lab, including world experts in machine learning, computational social science, and economics.

We are passionate about building principled systems: we study the algorithmic and data structural questions that arise during system creation, and incorporate these results into our work. We are equally passionate about interdisciplinary research: our cross-group collaborations have led to multiple tech transfers with product groups, resulting in real business impact. In all of our work, a top priority is to publish at the best academic conferences and journals, in systems and beyond.

We are a new group and are actively hiring. (Note: 2019 positions have been filled.) We are looking for systems/ML engineers, data scientists, postdocs/researchers, and interns to help us fulfill an ambitious agenda towards optimizing our cloud infrastructure using reinforcement learning.