Portrait of Badrish Chandramouli

Badrish Chandramouli

Senior Principal Researcher


Badrish Chandramouli is a senior principal researcher in the database group at Microsoft Research.  He is interested in creating technologies to perform real-time and offline big data processing and resilient state management for Cloud applications. Badrish’s work on stream processing first shipped commercially in 2010 with Microsoft SQL Server, as the StreamInsight engine. Starting 2012, he led the creation of Trill, a streaming analytics engine that is widely used at Microsoft, for example, in the Bing advertising platform and as part of the public-facing Azure Stream Analytics service (see this blog post for more information). Recently, Badrish led FASTER, a high-performance concurrent key-value store that supports larger-than-memory data and is optimized for the hot working set. He also built FishStore, a fast storage and querying layer for flexible-schema data. He has worked on simplifying distributed systems via projects such as CRA and Ambrosia. Learn more about his research and publications at https://badrish.net/.