Portrait of Dan Marshall

Dan Marshall

Principal Research Software Development Engineer


Born in Silicon Valley, Dan Marshall began programming at the age of 13 in the early 1980s on home computers of that era, such as the TRS-80, Commodore Vic20, Apple IIe, and his favorite Timex Sinclair 1000. At 19 he created an application to automate CNC machines to create locks & keys in the manufacturing sector. From there his work has spanned into healthcare, finance, and various Internet based startups. Central themes in Dan’s career are disciplined software engineering, empathetic UX, close collaboration with visual designers, and code craftsmanship.

Dan joined Microsoft in 2007, and has enjoyed being a part of Microsoft Research, from his time with FUSE Labs, and now his current position in the VIDA group, which has recently launched SandDance on GitHub.