Portrait of Kate Lytvynets

Kate Lytvynets

Software Development Engineer


Kate Lytvynets is a Software Engineer at Microsoft Research working on special projects. She works on big-scale data science applications, graph analytics, and information visualization.  She applies machine learning algorithms to large data sets to discover trends and identify patterns of behavior as well as creates custom visualizations that helps to communicate the results of research to users.

Kate’s team develops software for data analysis, focusing on the intersection of artificial intelligence and business intelligence, including analytics tools for structured numerical and unstructured streaming data. The team helps enable text analysis within Power BI. Novice and expert users user Power BI solutions. The team shipped a suite of new data interfaces through Power BI in 2016-2018. The open source visuals include the Network Navigator, Time Brush, Table Sorter, Attribute Slicer, Cluster Map, Facet Key, and Strippets Browser. The team has also shipped multiple “solutions templates” for social brand management and news analytics.

Kate holds a M.L. from National Law Academy of Ukraine.