Portrait of Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford

Principal Researcher


Kate Crawford researches the social, political and cultural contexts of data and networked technologies. She is a Visiting Professor at the MIT Center for Civic Media, and a Senior Fellow at NYU’s Information Law Institute. She has conducted large-scale studies of mobile and social media use at sites around the world, including India and Australia, and has been awarded both the AAH Medal and the Manning Clark Cultural Award. Her current projects include the political and ethical implications of data science, and the uses of social data during crisis events. She recently received a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellowship for work on data and communities. She is on the editorial boards of Fibreculture¬†and Big Data and Society.


Social Media Collective

Established: July 6, 2010

Over the last decade, social media has become a central part of people's engagement with technology. From email to Twitter, mobile phones to Facebook, people are using a vast array of social technologies as a part of their daily lives.…





MSR NYC Lab Opening Link description

MSR NYC Lab Opening


May 16, 2014


Duncan Watts, Fernando Diaz, Kate Crawford, David Rothschild, Justin Rao, Jennifer Chayes, Dan Huttenlocher, Kathy McKeown, danah boyd, and David Pennock


Microsoft Research New York City, Microsoft Research New England and New York City, Cornell Tech, Columbia University

Big Data & Its Discontents Link description

Big Data & Its Discontents


January 23, 2014


Golan Levin, Kate Crawford, Mark Latonero, and Ramez Naam


Carnegie Mellon University, MSR, University of Southern California, Nexus