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Krysta M. Svore

Senior Reseacher


I manage the Quantum Architectures and Computation Group (QuArC) at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. I am passionate about quantum computation and determining how to better solve problems on a quantum computer.  My research focuses on quantum algorithms and how to implement them on a quantum device, from how to code them in a high-level programming language, to how to optimize the resources they require, to how to implement them in hardware.  Our team also works on designing a scalable, fault-tolerant software architecture for translating a high-level quantum program into a low-level, device-specific quantum implementation, which we call LIQUi|>; (pronounced “liquid”, language-integrated quantum operations).  We work in collaboration with Microsoft Station Q, Microsoft Research’s center for topological quantum computation.

Other research interests include machine learning algorithms, both classical and quantum. I am interested in learning to rank algorithms, Web search and information retrieval, including features and training methods, and the dynamics of the Web and its users over time.

I received my Ph.D. with Highest Distinction in Computer Science from Columbia University in 2006 under Dr. Alfred Aho and Dr. Joseph Traub.  Previously, I worked with Dr. Isaac Chuang at MIT, Dr. John Preskill at Caltech, and Dr. David DiVincenzo and Dr. Barbara Terhal at IBM Research.  I received a B.A. in Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science and French, from Princeton University in 2001.


Language-Integrated Quantum Operations: LIQUi|>

Established: March 9, 2016

LIQUi|> is a software architecture and toolsuite for quantum computing. It includes a programming language, optimization and scheduling algorithms, and quantum simulators. LIQUi|> can be used to translate a quantum algorithm written in the form of a high-level program into…
















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What can we solve with a Quantum Computer?


July 24, 2015


Edward Farhi, Krysta Svore, Matthias Troyer, and Nathan Wiebe


Microsoft Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Microsoft

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Towards Scalable Quantum Computation


July 24, 2014


Robert Schoelkopf, David Reilly, and Dave Wecker


Yale University, University of Sydney, Microsoft

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Quantum Computing: the Next Frontier


July 16, 2013


Charles Marcus, Matthias Troyer, and Scott Aaronson


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Niels Bor Institute, ETH Zurich




Keynote Talks

Quantum Computing: Transforming the Digital Age”, Waterloo Public Lecture Series 2015, Waterloo, Canada, June 2015

“Quantum Computing: Transforming the Digital Age”, MIT, Columbia, and Princeton Clubs of Western Washington, June 2015

Microsoft Ignite 2015 Showcase Keynote Conference, Chicago, IL, May 2015

“Compiling Quantum Circuits into Device-level Instructions”, Bristol Quantum Information Technology Workshop, Bristol, UK, April 2015

“A Software Architecture for Quantum Computing”, Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) Workshop on Quantum Computing for Science, Washington, DC, February 2015

“Quantum Computing”, Fields Institute Workshop on Quantum Optimization, Toronto, Canada, October 2014

“Quantum Computing: Transforming the Digital Age”, Computing Research Association Bi-Annual Conference, Snowbird, UT, July 2014

“Advances in Quantum Computing”, Livingstone Nanotechnology Conference, New York, NY, December 2013

“Why I am a Computer Scientist (and you should be too)”, STEM Summit for Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco, CA, March 2013

“Women as Global Leaders”, AASH Western Regional Conference, Bellevue, WA, August 2012

Invited Talks

TBD, Silicon Quantum Information Processing 2015, Cambridge, UK, September 2015

“Quantum Software Architectures”, Summer School, Canadian Quantum Information Summer School, Toronto, August 2015

Efficient Synthesis of Probabilistic Quantum Circuits”, Quantum Circuit and Languages Workshop Waterloo 2015, June 2015

TBD, Conference on Discrete Mathematics (CanaDAM), Saskatchewan, Canada, June 2015

“Quantum Deep Learning”, Moorea Quantum Computation Workshop 2015, Moorea, Tahiti, May 2015

“Quantum Deep Learning”, Heilbronn Quantum Algorithms Meeting 2015, Bristol, UK, April 2015

“Quantum Deep Learning”, Sydney Quantum Information Theory Workshop, Coogee, Sydney, Australia, January 2015

“Quantum Software Architecture”, Tutorial, Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2015), Sydney, Australia, January 2015

“Compiling Quantum Circuits into Device-level Instructions”, Station Q Biannual Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA, December 2014

“LIQUi|>: A Software Architecture for Quantum Computing”, Øredev Developer’s Conference, Malmo, Sweden, November 2014

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“Compiling Quantum Circuits into Device-level Instructions”, Seminar, U. Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2014

“Compiling Quantum Circuits into Device-level Instructions”, Q Seminar, Yale, New Haven, CT, October 2014

TBD, International Conference on Quantum Simulation, Mountain View, CA, July 2014

“Hot Topics: Quantum Computing”, Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, July 2014

“Quantum Computation”, WiCS at Microsoft (Women in Computer Science), May 2014

“Low-distance Surface Codes under Realistic Quantum Noise”, Sandia Computer Science Lecture Series, Albuquerque, NM, March 2014

“Asymptotically Optimal Topological Quantum Compiling”, APS March Meeting, Denver, CO, March 2014

“LIQUi|>: A Software Architecture for Quantum Computing”, IEEE San Fernando Valley, Northridge, CA, October 2013

“Quantum Circuit Decomposition”, Dagstuhl Seminar 13371 on Quantum Cryptanalysis, Dagstuhl, Germany, September 2013

“LIQUi|>: A Software Architecture for Quantum Computing “, HPC User Forum, Boston, MA, September 2013

“Small-distance Surface Codes”, Joint Max Planck/TU Delft Topological Workshop, Delft, Netherlands, April 2013

“Implementing and Decomposing Arbitrary Quantum Rotations”, Aspen Winter Conference on Topological States of Matter, Aspen, CO, January 2013

“A State Distillation Protocol to Implement Arbitrary Single-qubit Rotations”, Physics Seminar, RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany, October 2012

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“Careers in Quantum Computing”, Perimeter Institute/IQC Waterloo Conference on Quantum Information, Waterloo, Canada, June 2012

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“A 2D Nearest-neighbor Quantum Architecture for Factoring in Polylog Depth”, Computer Science Lecture Series, Sandia, Albuquerque, NM, February 2012

“Machine Learning at Microsoft”, WiML (Women in Machine Learning), NIPS 2011, Vancouver, Canada, December 2011

Search and Ads Frontier Seminar Series, Live Search, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, June 2008.

Local Search Research Talk Series, Local Search, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, June 2008.

Microsoft Research Internal Presentation to the MacArthur Foundation, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, April 2008.

MSNBC Company Meeting, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, February 2008.

“Noise thresholds for Local Fault-tolerant Quantum Architectures”, Theoretical Physics Seminar, University of New Mexico, November 2006.

“Noise thresholds for a Fault-tolerant Two-dimensional Lattice Architecture”, Ninth Annual Workshop on Southwest Quantum Information and Technology (SQUINT), Pasadena, CA, February 2007.

“Quantum thresholds for fault-tolerant architectures”, Station Q, Microsoft Research, Santa Barbara, CA, February 2007

“Local Fault-tolerant Quantum Computation”, IBM Workshop on Fault-tolerant Quantum Computation 2005, Yorktown Heights, NY, August 29-30, 2005


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