Portrait of Jeremiah (Miah) Wander

Jeremiah (Miah) Wander

Principal Researcher


I am a principal researcher with the Biomedical Computing Team at Microsoft Research where we are exploring new computational techniques, software, and workflows to accelerate innovation at the intersection of computer science and the life sciences. Our ultimate goal is simple: to improve outcomes in human health.

My previous projects have focused on precision phenotyping, specifically leveraging machine learning and other statistical models to integrate multiple modalities of time-series data to obtain a clearer understanding of a patient’s status, estimate risk, and model likely clinical trajectories. Often these projects also required our team to develop novel hardware to be able to record new physiological signals, or record traditional signals in new environments.

Recently, my primary application area of focus has been in cardiovascular disease, previously I applied similar techniques and approaches to problems in cognitive and computational neuroscience.

When I’m not hanging out in Redmond, I have a variety of fun activities that keep me busy, including exploring the wonders of the world (both large and small) with my kids, building things out of wood, riding dirt bikes, and playing as much ultimate frisbee as possible.