Portrait of Vishnu Navda

Vishnu Navda

Principal Applied Science Manager
Content Services - WebXT

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Past Projects

  • Insider – Breaking Mobile App Silo

Professional Services and Awards

  • Best Paper Awards: CoNEXT 2015, COMSNETS 2010, Mobisys 2007
  • TPC Member: Mobisys 2016, Mobisys 2015 (external), MobiCom 2014, MobiCom 2013
  • TPC Co-chair: ACM WiNTECH Workshop 2012, Networking Summit, Agra 2010


  • TPC Co-chair of ACM WiNTECH Workshop
    In conjunction with MobiCom 2012
    Istanbul, Turkey
    August 22, 2012
  • Organized Connecting the Next Billion
    Networking Summit
    Agra, India
    Aug 28th-29th, 2010

    The summit brought together researchers from academia and industry, and representatives from the government and service providers, to discuss the technical and public policy issues pertaining to expanding data connectivity in India and other emerging regions.