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PROSE – Text Transformation

Transformation.Text is a system that performs string transformations using examples allowing for many tasks involving strings to be performed automatically. Transformation.Text is based on the same research as the FlashFill feature in Excel (opens in new tab), but with extended capabilities for semantic transformations involving dates and numbers as well as support for interactivity due to being part of PROSE. The Usage (opens in new tab) page and the
Transformation.Text sample project (opens in new tab) show examples of how to use the Transformation.Text API.

Example Transformation

Given an example like:

Input1 Input2 Example output
Greta Hermansson Hermansson, G.

Transformation.Text will generate a program to perform the same transformation given any other first name, last name pair:

Input1 Input2 Program output
Kettil Hansson Hansson, K.
Etelka Bala Bala, E.