The Verification Corner

Established: January 8, 2010

The Verification Corner is a video series on YouTube that explains different concepts of software verification.


Stepwise refinement – 10/8/2010:

In this episode, Kuat Yessenov and Rustan Leino, Principal Researcher in the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) group at Microsoft Research, show how a program can be constructed by stepwise refinement.


Loop Termination – 3/29/2010:

In this episode, Rustan Leino shows how to prove loop termination. During his demonstration, Rustan presents the theoretical background information necessary to build the proof before modeling it using the Dafny language.


Specifications in Action – The Chunker – 3/1/2010:

In this episode, Rustan Leino writes a string chunker using Spec#. He gives a brief overview how one can specify and implement a program while getting the help from the Spec# verifier.


Loop Invariants – 1/12/2010:

In this episode, Rustan Leino talks about Loop Invariants. He gives a brief summary of the theoretical foundations and shows (using a problem to compute cubes) how a program can sometimes be systematically constructed from its specifications.



Portrait of Peli de Halleux

Peli de Halleux

Principal RSDE