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What is Project URL Preview

With Project URL Preview, easily inform your user’s clicks by enabling the creation of web page previews from a given URL or flagging adult content to suppress it.

Using Bing’s powerful search index, Project URL Preview quickly provides a URL’s page title, brief description, and the most relevant image.

Project URL Preview

Easily plug it into any social sharing experience between friends.

• Instantly enhance any social scenarios such as chat apps to let users know what they have been sent and improve their URL sharing experience.
• Leverage Project URL Preview to Suppress inappropriate or adult content, block URLs on protected networks, and get users to the right content faster.

Build additional experiences for customers using a single API call to return a page description, preview image, and a family-friendly content flag.

Sample Response

Below is a sample response for the URL: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/build

Project URL Preview


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