The concepts of self-similarity, fractals, and long-range dependence (LRD) have revolutionized network modeling during the last decade. However, despite all the attention these concepts have received, they remain difficult to use by non-experts. This difficulty can be attributed to a relative complexity of the mathematical basis, the absence of a systematic approach to their application and the absence of publicly available software. In this paper, we introduce SELFIS, a comprehensive tool, to facilitate the evaluation of LRD by practitioners. Our goal is to create a stand-alone public tool that can become a reference point for the community. Our tool integrates most of the required functionality for an in-depth LRD analysis, including several LRD estimators. In addition, SELFIS includes a powerful approach to stress-test the existence of LRD. Using our tool, evidence are presented that the widely-used LRD estimators can provide misleading results. It is worth mentioning that 25 researchers have acquired SELFIS within a month of its release, which clearly demonstrates the need for such a tool.