Annotating and Navigating Tourist Videos

  • Bruce Zhang ,
  • Qinlin Li ,
  • Hongyang Chao ,
  • Bill Chen ,
  • ,
  • Ying-Qing Xu


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Due to the rapid increase in video capture technology, more and more tourist videos are captured every day, creating a challenge for organization and association with metadata.

In this paper, we present a novel system for annotating and navigating tourist videos. Placing annotations in a video is difficult because of the need to track the movement of the camera. Navigation of a regular video is also challenging due to the sequential nature of the media. To overcome these challenges, we introduce a system for registering videos to geo-referenced 3D models and analyzing the video contents.

We also introduce a novel scheduling algorithm for showing annotations in video. We show results in automatically annotated videos and in a map-based application for browsing videos. Our user study indicates the system is very useful.