Cloud-based distributed image coding

  • Xiaodan Song
  • Ji-Zheng Xu
  • Guangming Shi
  • Feng Wu

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology | , Vol 25(12)

With multimedia flourishing on the Web, it is easy to find similar images for a query, especially landmark images. Traditional image coding, such as JPEG, cannot exploit correlations with external images. Existing vision-based approaches are able to exploit such correlations by reconstructing from local descriptors but cannot ensure the pixel-level fidelity of the reconstruction. In this paper, a cloud-based distributed image coding (Cloud-DIC) scheme is proposed to exploit external correlations for mobile photo uploading. For each input image, a thumbnail is transmitted to retrieve correlated images and reconstruct it in the cloud by geometrical and illumination registrations. Such a reconstruction serves as the side information (SI) in the Cloud-DIC. The image is then compressed by a transform-domain syndrome coding to correct the disparity between the original image and the SI. Once a bitplane is received in the cloud, an iterative refinement process is performed between the final reconstruction and the SI. Moreover, a joint encoder/decoder mode decision at block, frequency, and bitplane levels is proposed to adapt to different correlations. Experimental results on a landmark image database show that the Cloud-DIC can largely enhance the coding efficiency both subjectively and objectively, with up to 5-dB gains and 70% bits saving over JPEG with arithmetic coding, and perform comparably at low bitrates with the intra coding of the High Efficiency Video Coding standard with a much lower encoder complexity.