Composable Incremental and Iterative Data-Parallel Computation with Naiad

Frank McSherry, Rebecca Isaacs, Michael Isard, Derek Murray

MSR-TR-2012-105 |

We report on the design and implementation of Naiad, a set of declarative data-parallel language extensions and an associated runtime supporting efficient and composable incremental and iterative computation. This combination is enabled by a new computational model we call differential dataflow, in which incremental computation can be performed using a partial, rather than total, order on time.

Naiad extends standard batch data-parallel processing models like MapReduce, Hadoop, and Dryad/DryadLINQ, to support efficient incremental updates to the inputs in the manner of a stream processing system, while at the same time enabling arbitrarily nested fixed-point iteration. In this paper, we evaluate a prototype of Naiad that uses shared memory on a single multi-core computer. We apply Naiad to various computations, including several graph algorithms, and observe good scaling properties and efficient incremental recomputation.