In this paper, we examine the ideas behind and reactions to a prototype online tool designed, in-house, for an art college’s interaction design department. The web-based prototype, the Digital Scrapbook, was initially intended as a tool for tutors to oversee their students’ work. However, our ongoing discussions with the department’s members indicate that it is more interesting to its target audience for a variety of other reasons, including its role in design inspiration; group representation and collaboration; and as a repository for documenting the creative process. We speculate on the reasons behind this by further reflecting on the reactions to the tool. We come to the conclusion that members of the department value the Digital Scrapbook because it is seen to reflect the processional character of design. That is, we suggest the system is seen as promising because it reveals the often messy, unintended and meandering routes design can follow. In closing, we suggest how we might support further ways of displaying design’s processional character and discuss the broader implications of displaying collective processes.