An evolutionary and optimised approach on 3D-TV

  • C. Fen ,
  • P. Kauff ,
  • M. De Beck ,
  • F. Ernst ,
  • W. Ijssel-Steijn ,
  • M. Pollefeyes ,
  • Luc Van Gool ,
  • ,
  • Ian Sexton

Conference: International Broadcast Conference, Proc. IBC '02 |

In this paper we will present the concept of a system that allows for an evolutionary introduction of depth perception into the existing 2D digital TV framework. The work is part of the European Information Society Technologies (IST) project “Advanced Three-Dimensional Television System Technologies” (ATTEST), an activity where industries, research centers and universities have joined forces to design a backwards compatible, flexible and modular broadcast 3D-TV system, where all parts of the 3D processing chain are optimised to one another. This includes content creation, coding and transmission, display and research in human 3D perception, which be will used to guide the development process. The goals of the project comprise the development of a novel broadcast 3D camera, algorithms to convert existing 2D-video material into 3D, a 2Dcompatible coding and transmission scheme for 3D-video using MPEG2 /4/7 technologies and the design of two new autostereoscopic displays. pp. 357–365