Book 2 of reprints from my IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications column

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Table of Contents

  1. The World’s Largest Easter Egg and What Came Out of It
  2. What We Need Around Here Is More Aliasing
  3. Return of the Jaggy
  4. How Many Different Cubic Curves Are There?
  5. Dirty Pixels
  6. Cubic Curve Update
  7. Triage Tables
  8. The Wonderful World of Video
  9. Uppers and Downers, Part 1
  10. Uppers and Downers, Part 2
  11. The World of Digital Video
  12. How I Spent My Summer Vacation, 1976
  13. NTSC: Nice Technology, Super Color
  14. What’s the Deal With the DCT?
  15. Quantization Error and Dithering
  16. Compositing – Theory
  17. “Composting” – Practice
  18. How to Attend a SIGGRAPH Conference
  19. Three Wrongs Make A Right
  20. Fun With Premultiplied Alpha