Software security has become more important than ever. Unfortunately, still now, the security of a software system is almost always retrofitted to an afterthought. When security problems arise, understanding and correcting them can be very challenging. On the one hand, the program analysis research community has created numerous static and
dynamic analysis tools for performance optimization and bug detection in object-oriented programs. On the other hand, the security and privacy research community has been looking for solutions to automatically detect security problems, privacy violations, and access-control requirements of object-oriented programs. The purpose of the First Program
Analysis for Security and Safety Workshop Discussion (PASSWORD 2006), co-located with the Twentieth European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2006), was to bring together members of the academic and industrial communities interested in applying analysis, testing, and verification to security and privacy problems, and to
encourage program analysis researchers to see the applicability of their work to security and privacy—an area of research that still needs a lot of exploration. This paper summarizes the discussions and contributions of the PASSWORD workshop