Madoko is a novel authoring system for writing complex
documents. It is especially well suited for complex academic or
industrial documents, like scientific articles, reference manuals, or
math-heavy presentations. One particular important aspect of Madoko is to
write a document in high-level Markdown with a focus
on semantic content. From this document specification we can generate
both high-quality PDF output (via Latex) but also generate
high-quality HTML that can re-scale and re-flow dynamically. Styling is done
through standard CSS attributes and can be done orthogonal to the content.

Madoko provides extensive support for mathematics rendering. All math is
rendered using Latex with full compatibility with any Latex
packages and commands. Rendering to PDF comes this way for free but a
high quality rendering of the math in the resulting HTML is more
involved. This application note article describes in detail how Madoko
deals with the various technical challenges. Moreover we show how other
mechanisms, like replacement rules, help with creating mini
domain-specific extensions to cleanly express complex math.

Since this article is about the rendering of math to HTML, it is highly
recommended to read this article as an HTML page instead of PDF! It can
be found at http://tinyurl.com/madokomath.