Programming languages and software engineering research area
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Research in Software Engineering (RiSE)

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Our mission is to make everyone a programmer and maximize the productivity of every programmer. This will democratize computing to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. We achieve our vision through open-ended fundamental research in programming languages, software engineering, and automated reasoning. We strongly believe in pushing our research to its logical extreme to positively impact people’s lives.

High assurance/performance cloud


Network Verification, Project Everest, Torch

AI and Big Data

AI at Scale, CHET, Parade

Program analysis tools


Corral, Angelic Verification, Verisol

Program understanding/debugging

MSAGL, Time travel debugging

AI-assisted software development

Future of Program Merge, Trusted AI-assisted Programming

Education and the end-user

CS Education

BBC micro:bit, Microsoft MakeCode

End-user embedded systems

Jacdac, MakeAccessible