Programming languages and software engineering research area
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Research in Software Engineering (RiSE)

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Our mission is to make everyone a programmer and maximize the productivity of every programmer. This will democratize computing to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. We achieve our vision through open-ended fundamental research in programming languages, software engineering, and automated reasoning. We strongly believe in pushing our research to its logical extreme to positively impact people’s lives.


Logical formalisms and theorem proving

Lean, Symbolic Automata, Z3 

Programming languages/models

Bosque, Catala, F*, Koka, TLA+

Azure Durable Functions, Netherite, Orleans

High assurance/performance cloud


Network Verification, Project Everest, Torch

AI and Big Data

AI at Scale, CHET, Parade

Program analysis tools


Corral, Angelic Verification, Verisol

Program understanding/debugging

MSAGL, Time travel debugging

AI-assisted software development

Future of Program Merge, Trusted AI-assisted Programming

Education and the end-user

CS Education

BBC micro:bit, Microsoft MakeCode

End-user embedded systems

Jacdac, MakeAccessible