Telling Stories about Dynamic Networks with Graph Comic

  • Benjamin Bach
  • Natalie Kerracher
  • Kyle W. Hall
  • Sheelagh Carpendale
  • Jessie Kennedy

Proceedings of CHI 2016 |

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In this paper, we explore graph comics as a medium to communicate changes in dynamic networks. While previous re- search has focused on visualizing dynamic networks for data exploration, we want to see if we can take advantage of the visual expressiveness and familiarity of comics to present and explain temporal changes in networks to an audience. To understand the potential of comics as a storytelling medium, we first created a variety of comics during a 3 month structured design process, involving domain experts from public education and neuroscience. This process led to the definition of 8 design factors for creating graph comics and proposed design solutions for each. Results from a qualitative study suggest that a general audience is quickly able understand complex temporal changes through graph comics, provided with minimal textual annotations and no training.