TrueSkill 2: An improved Bayesian skill rating system

MSR-TR-2018-8 |

Published by Microsoft

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Online multiplayer games, such as Gears of War and Halo, use skill-based matchmaking to give players fair and enjoyable matches. They depend on a skill rating system to infer accurate player skills from historical data. TrueSkill is a popular and effective skill rating system, working from only the winner and loser of each game. This paper presents an extension to TrueSkill that incorporates additional information that is readily available in online shooters, such as player experience, membership in a squad, the number of kills a player scored, tendency to quit, and skill in other game modes. This extension, which we call TrueSkill2, is shown to significantly improve the accuracy of skill ratings computed from Halo 5 matches.  TrueSkill2 predicts historical match outcomes with 68% accuracy, compared to 52% accuracy for TrueSkill.