Understanding & Evaluating UX Outcomes at Scale

  • ,
  • Samira Jain ,
  • Craig MacDonald ,
  • Elizabeth Churchill ,
  • Carolyn Pang ,
  • Jofish Kaye ,
  • Erick Oduor

Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work And Social Computing |

Published by CSCW 2023 | Organized by ACM

Evaluating the success of applications from a summative perspective is essential to many industry researchers’ roles, yet, a thorough understanding of what to measure and how to bridge business frameworks remains elusive. New technologies and novel ways of interacting with applications have garnered domain-specific interest in evaluating these experiences, but there is yet to be clarity or a path forward for a general methodological approach. While experience outcomes, UX OKRs, UX metrics, etc., are essential elements in HCI research and design, it has not become a core topic in HCI courses. This workshop aims to address this gap by bringing together academics and industry researchers involved in the measurement of success around large-scale applications – applications with a large user base. The objective of this workshop will be to engage in stimulating discussions around current evaluative experiences, how we move forward to produce valuable and unified updates to this space, and a plan to do so. The workshop will specifically look at the value of writing a State of the Union paper, developing a community (e.g., SIG), and exploring education and training opportunities around this topic.