Among all web search queries there is an important subset of queries containing entity mentions. In these queries, it is observed that users are most interested in requesting some attribute of an entity, such as “Obama age” for the intent of age, which we refer to as the attribute intent. In this work we address the problem of identifying synonymous query intent templates for the attribute intent. For example, “how old is [Person]” and “[Person]’s age” are both synonymous templates for the age intent. Successful identification of the synonymous query intent templates not only can improve the performance of all existing query annotation approaches, but also could benefit applications such as instant answers and intent-based query suggestion. In this work we propose a clustering framework with multiple kernel functions to identify synonymous query intent templates for a set of canonical templates jointly. Furthermore, signals from multiple sources of information are integrated into a kernel function between templates, where the weights of these signals are tuned in an unsupervised manner. We have conducted extensive experiments across multiple domains in FreeBase, and results demonstrate the effectiveness of our clustering framework for finding synonymous query intent templates for attribute intents.