Video Completion by Motion Field Transfer

  • Takaaki Shiratori
  • Yasuyuki Matsushita
  • Sing Bing Kang
  • Xiaoou Tang

Published by Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.

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Existing methods for video completion typically rely on periodic color transitions, layer extraction, or temporally local motion. However, periodicity may be imperceptible or absent, layer extraction is difficult, and temporally local motion cannot handle large holes. This paper presents a new approach for video completion using motion field transfer to avoid such problems. Unlike prior methods, we fill in missing video parts by sampling spatio-temporal patches of local motion instead of directly sampling color. Once the local motion field has been computed within the missing parts of the video, color can then be propagated to produce a seamless hole-free video. We have validated our method on many videos spanning a variety of scenes. We can also use the same approach to perform frame interpolation using motion fields from different videos.