New approaches in the use of media and technology provide the opportunity to give children’s voices a space to express their unique interests. These new forms of video and audio use create a new form of engagement for children to communicate in ways that makes it relevant to their identity. We are looking to tap into the already prevalent use of these technologies by children to establish a conversation about issues that are important to them. Giving children the opportunity to create and exercise control over the content of their creation can foster children centered programs and establish a conversation with larger communities in a local, national and global stage. Exploring the potential of audio and video in innovative ways will be the focus of this workshop. We will present specific case studies and projects and discuss informal trends identified through work in which institutions are using media in new ways for children to engage in media creation. This workshop, which will be held at this year’s Interaction Design and Children Conference, will provide insight in how technology is being used and ways that provide a new communication platform for children.