Continuous Deployment: Current and Future Challenges


August 1, 2018


Brendan Murphy, Laurie Williams, Chap Alex, Jennifer Beckmann


This session will provide academic researchers the opportunity to discuss their work in this space and Microsoft practitioners to describe the current state of continuous deployment practices within Microsoft product groups. This discussion will describe the practical issues encountered by deploying software for different classes of products, such as understanding customer acceptance of continually changing interfaces. The speakers will also describe the future directions and challenges that they foresee from both a technical and engineering perspective and the transformative role AI can play in continuous deployment.


Brendan Murphy, Laurie Williams, Chap Alex, Jennifer Beckmann

Brendan Murphy has been in Microsoft Research since 1999 where his research focus has been on system reliability and software development practices. He is currently developing models to optimize software development environments, including continuous deployment processes used within Microsoft.
Laurie Williams
Chap Alex