Faculty Summit 2016 – Building Practical Verified Systems


July 14, 2016


Chris Hawblitzel, Nickolai Zeldovich, Zahary Tatlock, Xi Wang, Bryan Parno


Microsoft, Microsoft Research, University of Washington-Seattle, University of Washington-Seattle, Microsoft


Mobile and cloud app ecosystems are growing at a tremendous pace. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of developers building cloud apps and cloud-backed mobile apps. Unlike traditional software, these apps are typically run in uncontrolled “wild” environments: wide range of user interactions, hardware platforms, network connectivities, and fault conditions. Coping with the ensuing performance and reliability issues is difficult enough for sophisticated developers and well-funded organizations, but for small teams with fewer resources at hand, the problem is acute. In this session, we will look at modern developer tools to addressing these problems.


Chair: Chris Hawblitzel, Microsoft Research