Intelligent Edge


August 2, 2018


Victor Bahl, Mung Chiang, Umakishore Ramachandran, Arjmand Samuel, Lin Zhong, Kyle Jameson


Microsoft Research


Edge computing is a natural evolution of cloud computing, where server resources, ranging from a credit-card size computers to micro data centers, are placed closer to data and information generation sources. Application and system developers use these resources to enable a new class of latency- and bandwidth-sensitive applications that are not realizable with current mega-scale cloud computing architectures. Industries, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, are eager to develop real-time control systems that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve efficiencies and reduce cost and the Intelligent Edge is in the center of it all. In this session, we will explore this new computing paradigm by discussing emerging challenges, technologies, and future business impact.


  • Portrait of Victor Bahl

    Victor Bahl

    Distinguished Scientist, Director Mobility & Networking Research