Microproductivity: Getting Big Things Done Using Smaller Moments


July 17, 2019


Lydia Chilton, Steven Dow, Walter Lasecki, Victor Poznanski


Columbia University; University of California, San Diego; University of Michigan; Microsoft


In today’s world, people have to attend to a number of tasks near simultaneously, and with the widespread use of mobile devices, tasks can be tackled almost anywhere at any time. It is not surprising, then, that being able to address any one task for an extended period is becoming increasingly difficult. A new research area is focusing on “microproductivity,” breaking larger tasks down into manageable components conducive to small moments throughout the day. In this breakout session, we bring together experts from academia and the product side to share their vision of a future where traditional tasks can be accomplished via both focused attention and microproductivity. We will unpack how microproductivity may manifest across different domains and scenarios, identify key challenges in designing for microproductivity, discuss how expected outcomes may be impacted, and put forward an agenda that can move the field toward real-life adaptation.