Private AI Bootcamp Competition: Team 2


December 4, 2019


Benjamin Case, Marcella Hastings, Monika Trimoska, Siam Umar Hussain, Kristin Lauter, Kim Laine, Yongsoo Song, Wei Dai


The Private AI Bootcamp offered by Microsoft Research (MSR) focused on tutorials of building privacy-preserving machine learning services and applications with homomorphic encryption (HE). Around 30 PhD students were invited to gather at the Microsoft Research Lab in Redmond on Dec 2nd – 4th, 2019. The program contents were specifically designed for training. Participants mastered the use of HE, the Microsoft SEAL library, and the methodology behind building privacy-preserving machine learning solutions. As a project as well as a competition, students worked in teams, designed and pitched a novel technology built upon what they had learned during the bootcamp, and received feedback and scores from experts. There was a secret prize for the winning team. There were also social events where all participants had a chance to meet and network with other PhD students and experts from MSR.

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