Quantum Development Kit, Q#, and Katas


July 18, 2019


Chris Granade


Microsoft Research


Microsoft’s Quantum development kit (QDK) and its programing language, Q#, are poised to empower both research and education in quantum computing and quantum programming. We can show how the resources estimator provided with the QDK is used to perform profiling of quantum algorithms, allowing researchers to report accurate costs for quantum algorithms, and helping assess commercial applications of quantum computing. For example, we can show how to import descriptions of chemical problems into Q# with our chemistry library (developed by QuArC researchers), and how to further process it there by applying several different quantum algorithms. Finally, we show how to use the quantum katas, each a sequence of programming tasks of increasing complexity, to expand and empower the quantum community through education. The QDK is provided with kata-based tutorials help to teach basic concepts of quantum computing such as superposition or measurement, or quantum algorithms (e.g. Grover search algorithm), providing a valuable tool for developers looking to get started in quantum computing.