Keynote: Smart Enough to Work With Us? Foundations and Challenges for Teamwork-Enabled AI Systems


July 17, 2017


Susan Dumais, Barbara Grosz


Microsoft, Harvard University


For much of its history, AI research has aimed toward building intelligent machines independently of their interactions with people. As the world of computing has evolved, and systems pervade ever more facets of life, the challenges of building computer systems smart enough to work effectively with people, in groups as well as individually, has become increasingly important. Furthermore, recent advances in AI-capable systems raise societal and ethical questions about the effects of such systems on people and societies at large. In this talk, I will argue that the ability to work with is essential for truly intelligent behavior, identify fundamental scientific questions this teamwork requirement raises, describe research by my group on computational models of collaboration and their use in supporting health-care coordination, and briefly discuss ethical challenges AI-capable systems pose, along with approaches to those challenges.