Task Intelligence: Doing More with Less

Tasks—defined pieces of work ranging in scope from the specific, such as sending an email, to the broad, such as shipping a feature—are central to all aspects of personal and team productivity. Task intelligence spans technologies and experiences to extract, understand, and support the completion of short- and long-term goals. Helping people complete tasks is a key capability of search systems, digital assistants, and productivity applications. We will discuss work on task support across four Microsoft products: To-Do, Project/Planner, Bing, and Azure DevOps. Invited speakers will discuss how their respective products help users do more with less effort. We will also spotlight our ongoing collaboration with RMIT University on the Cortana Intelligence Institute, an initiative to co-develop task intelligence technologies.

Ryen White, Flora Salim, Keith Ballnger, Caitlin Hart, Shree Sahasrabudhe
Microsoft Research, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft