Virtual Machines for Research on Microsoft Azure – Webinar


December 4, 2013


Wenming Ye


Virtual machines (VMs) provide an easy way to move and run your applications and services in the cloud. Microsoft Azure supports both Linux and Windows virtual machines in a portable and scalable way. The Gallery allows users to quickly choose and deploy a wide variety of pre-configured VMs. At the VMDepot the community can upload and share Linux VMs from scientific applications–from Biolinux, iPython and Data Science, to web content management systems such as Drupal and CKAN. Once deployed, VMs allow scaling out of applications across tens or hundreds of nodes. Through programmatic control of VMs through the Microsoft Azure SDKs in Python, Java, .NET, and other languages researchers can design and build custom applications to provision and manage VMs on demand, dynamically.

Areas covered in the session:

  • How virtual machines can be used in the cloud
  • Wide variety of pre-configured virtual machines available from the Microsoft Azure gallery
  • How to make your own virtual machine from an existing installation
  • An example using Windows and Visual Studio
  • An example using Linux and IPython notebook
  • How to get started with Microsoft Azure VMs, and what to do next