Build resilience and optimize costs by moving to the cloud

Get the scale and security you need to meet today’s business challenges—and tomorrow’s—through cloud migration.

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Get the right help at every stage of your cloud journey

Simplify your move to the cloud with the Azure Migration and Modernization Program: Get free step-by-step guidance, direct access to Microsoft Azure engineers, tools, and subsidized partner services.

Migrate securely and efficiently—on your terms

Spend more time growing your business and less time—and money—managing and securing your datacenter infrastructure.

Find new strength in the cloud

Learn how companies across industries and across the world are accelerating data and digital platforms to strengthen their businesses in The Future of Business Resilience playbook.

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How customers are driving resilience

"A series of applications developed and hosted in Azure are allowing us to improve care coordination and chronic-disease management."

Kash Patel, Mount Sinai Hospital

"Using Azure Arc enabled data services, I’m able to deploy multiple databases with the same exact configuration."

Kristina Melo, Ferguson

"Azure makes it easier to continue our work using AI, machine learning, and other ways to serve our customers better."

Sameer Agarwal, H&R Block

"Before we moved to the hyperscale tier, this work would have taken hours. But now we can present useful data within five minutes."

Andrew Wieck, Clearant

"With the Azure cloud platform, six-week releases are a thing of the past. In most cases, we can deploy changes without taking the systems down. This means better availability, expedited time to market, and improved customer satisfaction."

Victoria Toure, Geico

Create your strategy and build the skills you need to migrate

Julia White shares four ways to optimize costs and be future-ready on Azure

See how companies are transforming their businesses in the cloud

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Optimize your costs on Azure

Explore things you can do today to reduce your costs, improve cash flow, and boost efficiencies on Azure.


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Make your move to the cloud

Accelerate your migration with tools for moving, optimizing, securing, and governing your apps and data. 

Return to the workplace

Help protect your teams as they return to the workplace with a pre-built, customizable solution designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Power Platform.

Explore additional solutions to strengthen your resilience


Keep your employees more secure and productive with a seamless security solution that integrates across people, devices, apps, and data.  

Remote teamwork

Empower your team to work more securely from anywhere and on any device with virtual desktops and apps. 

Connect with Sales

Get help planning and implementing your cloud migration with Azure.