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Keep everyone entertained this holiday

Things might look a little different this year, but there are ways to still have fun with your family and friends over the holidays—even if it’s from afar.

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Enjoy game night online
Puzzles. Word games. Card games. Board games. Games of all types are a hallmark of the holidays. Since gathering the whole group around a living or dining room table may be out of the question this year, it’s time to get creative. Discover new ideas with some of the best online games to play remotely like Sea of Thieves, Roblox, and Minecraft.

Kick off an adventure with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Board games are fun, but maybe video games are more your style. You can get together with family or friends across distances using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Play directly on your PC, console, and Android mobile devices from the cloud (beta), and hunt for lost treasure, defend against alien invasions, race supercars, and more. There are hundreds of games waiting to be played and more are added all the time.

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Play together: PC + console gamers unite

Join a co-op adventure. Prove yourself on the battleground. Build imaginative worlds. Play a huge variety of games from every genre. Games are added to Xbox Game Pass all the time, so there’s always something new to play.

And if you need to make sure “one more hour” of Minecraft really means one more hour, you can set screen time limits that work across devices, apps, and games with Microsoft Family Safety.

Watch a movie together

Holiday movie classics. Comedies. Action adventures. Sometimes the fun of watching a movie is talking about it with your friends afterwards. You might not be going to movie theaters this holiday, but you can still enjoy a movie together using the new Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) extension on Microsoft Edge.

This extension works with your favorite streaming services including Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Disney+, Netflix, and more. Use it to sync video playback with your group so you can discuss and react together in a chat—no matter how far away they live.

And, through our partnership with Netflix, Microsoft Edge is currently the only browser that delivers 4K UHD video streaming. Teleparty is available on the Microsoft Edge add-ons site. Download and install Teleparty now to host your next virtual viewing party.

Woman wearing headphones and eating popcorn while watching a movie online

Watch a movie together online

Enjoy movies in your home, just like you’re sitting next to your friend in the theater. Get the extension for Microsoft Edge today and plan your movie night tonight.

Build your own laptop

Yes, you read that correctly. Keep your child(ren) busy by having them build their own powerful computer.

The Kano PC comes disassembled with a set of simple instructions, so your kids can learn to build it themselves. You'll inspire them to learn how computers work, plus they'll come away with a powerful 2-in-1 laptop they can use for class or for fun. Along the way, they'll also gain skills in coding, design, 3D modeling, and more.

Young boy uses a computer to complete science homework

The PC kids can build themselves

What a way to stay entertained over winter break! Help your kids spend time productively building out the Kano PC, winner of TIME magazine’s Best Inventions of the year.

Learn something new

If you’ve been meaning to learn a new skill, another language, or how to play an instrument, go ahead and make that happen now. Just choose what you want to learn from home with these handy apps.

If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription or have been meaning to get one, don’t forget to make use of the great additional benefits from our partners that are available with your subscription, such as:

  • CreativeLive: Want to learn how to play guitar, take great family photos, or learn skills you can add to your résumé? Explore over 300 hours of classes ranging from photography and music to business, design and more.
  • Blinkist: Learn anytime, anywhere with fast 15-minute audio bits from over 4,000 top nonfiction titles.
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Start your New Year’s resolutions early

Explore a new hobby or develop a new skill with great benefits from our partners like Adobe, CreativeLive, and more as a part of your Microsoft 365 subscription.

While you might not be able to gather with everyone you want in person this year, you can still stay connected through online games, video games, and virtual movie nights. And if you want more “me time,” you can choose to use the time to learn new skills or listen to an acclaimed nonfiction book. Whatever mindfulness or connection you seek, there are many creative ways to find it this holiday season.

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