About the challenge

The idea challenge is for developers, students, and data scientists to use AI to tackle some of society’s greatest obstacles. The submission period closed June 26. Winners will be announced within 14 days of the contest end date. Review terms and conditions for 2019.

Advance environmental sustainability

Project examples:

  • Efficiently monitor the health of farms in real time.
  • Accelerate the discovery, monitoring, and protection of biodiversity across our planet.
  • Give people more accurate climate predictions to help reduce the potential impacts.
  • Model Earth's water supply to help us conserve and protect fresh water.

Empower people with disabilities

Project examples:

  • Help people develop professional skills and influence workplace culture and inclusive hiring.
  • Use AI for hearing, seeing, and reasoning with increased accuracy to help people with everyday tasks.
  • Create possibilities for all people regardless of how they listen, speak, or write to have equal access to information and opportunities.

Your ideas are judged by three parameters:

  • 50% - originality of impact
  • 20% - solutions feasibility
  • 30% - complexity to implement


The top three ideas will win great prizes and a chance to present their ideas on our AI lab website.

Get inspiration for your project

Check out these previous winners of the Idea Challenge for ideas and inspiration.

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