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The power of partnerships: Microsoft Energy and Resources celebrates collaboration and innovation

June is a celebratory time at Microsoft. As we close out our fiscal year, it’s a moment to reflect not only on what we delivered as a team but also a time to look ahead to the exciting things we hope to accomplish in the coming year and beyond. None of these achievements would be possible without our customers and partners, who we recognize and celebrate at Microsoft Inspire, our largest partner event of the year, from July 19 to 20, 2022. This event is focused on the Microsoft Cloud, partner programs, and opportunities for partners to grow their business in the year ahead. Key themes and upcoming priorities Microsoft leaders will be sharing at Microsoft Inspire include:

  • Driving growth and profitability with a partner-focused business platform.
  • Scaling your solutions to help customers in every industry transform.
  • Offering your customers comprehensive multicloud and multiplatform security, compliance, and identity solutions.

As a preview of Microsoft Inspire, the Microsoft Energy and Resources team is pleased to recognize our partner of the year winner this year, Schneider Electric, along with our finalists—Bentley Systems, Cognite, and Uptake—all exemplifying industry-leading innovation, collaboration, and technology to help solve the most complex global energy challenges. We are thrilled to highlight these technology solutions below, that are transforming the energy industry and accelerating our net-zero energy future.

And the winner is…Schneider Electric: Making energy clean and smart through electrification and digitization

On behalf of the Microsoft Energy and Resources Industry team, I’d like to extend my warmest congratulations to Schneider Electric, which represents a partnership spanning more than 30 years fueled by a shared vision for energy efficiency and sustainability. Schneider’s solutions are powered by the most advanced evolution of Microsoft Azure and integrate process and energy technologies to deliver the full efficiency and sustainability potential for utility grids, buildings, data centers, industry, and infrastructure. Working together and with the unique expertise Microsoft and Schneider can bring, we have the ability to accelerate progress, and our continued partnership will enable us to get there. With a mission-driven, digital leader like Schneider, we can collectively tackle climate change and make a real impact on advancing sustainability.

Bentley Systems and Microsoft: Supporting a resilient and sustainable future together

Bentley Systems is an infrastructure engineering software company that provides innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure, including best-in-class digital twins on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft technology has helped Bentley grow from a leader in computer-aided design and drafting, to modeling and geographic information systems (GIS) and internet of things (IoT), and now, going beyond, to 4D digital twins. Recently, to ensure a water company provides a safe and secure water supply to its 2.5 million customers in Europe, Microsoft and Bentley worked with the customers to develop, calibrate, and simulate a digital twin of their water distribution system—a true replica of the water company’s real-system. Ultimately, these simulations resulted in improved sustainability of the water supply, increased energy efficiency, and a major step towards their objective of being a CO2-neutral company.

Cognite Data Fusion: Turning data into real value with AI and machine learning

Cognite is an industrial AI software company that enables the full-scale digital transformation of heavy-asset industries like energy and manufacturing by making data accessible, understandable, and useful for developers, scientists, and third-party applications. Built on Microsoft Azure, the Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) solution empowers internal development teams, accelerates time to value with a robust data model, and democratizes embedded subject matter expertise with data access and contextualization. Working with one of our largest energy customers, Cognite created a data platform for all relevant well data, a dashboard to provide end-users with the data they need, and an application for well activity data, to help the customer reduce risk and prevent potential geohazards.

Uptake Fusion: Unlocking the full potential of energy data on Microsoft Azure

Energy companies use Uptake Fusion to solve their challenges with data accessibility and improve operational performance. By moving data sources and models to the cloud, Uptake Fusion makes data available for contextualized, real-time analytics—accelerating digital transformation and sustainability initiatives. With access to billions of data points in real time, customers can centralize datasets, gain visibility into operations, and integrate insights with strategic plans to deliver against operational and sustainability objectives. Uptake Fusion automates the extraction of large datasets for storage and curation on Microsoft Azure to help customers break through the challenges of on-premise data management to provide secure and cost-effective access to their data.

Microsoft partners make a net-zero future possible

For the industry to achieve its decarbonization and sustainability commitments, it is critical we expand the energy ecosystem and embrace new ways of collaborating. We will be celebrating Microsoft partner of the year winners and finalists, along with their solutions that leverage the power of our platform, so be sure to join us digitally at Microsoft Inspire, from July 19 to 20, 2022. You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with the Microsoft global partner community, hear from Microsoft leaders about priorities for the year ahead, celebrate achievements, and learn about new opportunities to develop and expand your business. I invite you to register today to secure your spot!

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