How can your defense decision makers and operators get a unified view of data across myriad systems and the growing number of sensors, devices, and other information sources? How can your agency simplify operations across a variety of networks and communications protocols for those in the field? And how can you do all this in the face of shrinking budgets and aging technology systems?

Command and control solutions that take advantage of modern technology such as hybrid cloud capabilities can help you answer these questions. They can help you connect information, processes, and communications across disparate sources and systems.

That way, you can enable the exchange of accurate and timely information to extend your capabilities on the ground, in the air, in the water, and in cyberspace. Your commanders can be empowered with integrated data insights to make effective decisions and your troops and officers in the field can communicate and share real-time information to help them complete their mission.

Using command and control solutions based on our trusted technologies, you can enable all that, while also helping to protect your confidential information and operations from cyber threats with a modern, secure platform.

What’s more, you can scale and pay as you go for cloud services that work with your onsite datacenter and other systems as an operating expense—rather than a major capital expenditure—which can help you get the digital resources you need within budget constraints.

Digitally transforming your command and control capabilities can help your defense organization:

  • Empower your people with better situational and operational awareness. You can enable a Common Operation Picture that provides a single view of the battlefield or operational theater.
  • Connect process, protocol, information sources, and legacy systems with an open digital technology architecture and reduce complexity and operational costs.
  • Address cybersecurity gaps that threaten confidential information and operations. Command and control solutions built on trusted Microsoft technologies provide the platform resilience you need in your mission-critical environments.
  • Enable the interoperability of different communication networks to provide an integrated and secure communications environment.
  • More cost-effectively acquire, operate, and maintain the digital services you need to support your missions. You can take advantage of open platforms and modular command and control solutions that provide you with the security, scalability, and operational flexibility you need.

With these capabilities, your teams can share awareness and visualization of unfolding events. They can harness and validate new and existing sources of data to unlock key patterns and insights. Your agency can align and modernize systems for improved anytime, anywhere command and operations communication. And you can improve your operational readiness and effectiveness through the use of devices and apps tailored to specific roles and missions.

The above are just a few examples of how you can digitally transform your command and control capabilities to help your defense organization achieve its mission. Learn more by going to our Command and Control solution page, where you can get more information, read our customer success stories, and find partners to help you get started.