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A connected city is a safer city. See how at Smart City Expo.

A connected city is a safer city. That’s what more and more city leaders are realizing. It’s exciting to see the groundswell movement of collaboration across municipal departments and jurisdictions.

Cities across the globe are taking advantage of digital technology and the cloud to connect systems so everyone involved in public safety and across government can work together to protect citizens. That way, first responders and government workers can have a better view of what they need to keep citizens safe and collaboratively respond to incidents smartly and effectively. They can have that partnership across entities that’s vital to public safety in the face of everything from terrorism and civil unrest scenarios to natural disasters and fires.

With cloud public safety solutions, you can not only empower teams with real-time situational awareness and operational insight, you can also have the data resiliency you need. When your data’s in a , you get built-in security and redundancy. For example, our data centers are separated by at least 500 miles. That means when your city undergoes a natural disaster, you have a better chance of keeping city services up and running because your infrastructure and data are safe.

At Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), you’ll be able to see how you can take advantage of the transformative power of digital technology and an intelligent cloud to make your city safer in ways that are more economically viable, efficient, and scalable than ever before. As Trudy Norris-Grey recently wrote, dozens of our most innovative CityNext partners will be there.

For example, our CityNext partner Genetec will be , the Genetec framework that facilitates public-private collaboration to improve urban safety—which is being used by Project Greenlight Detroit with great success.

Detroit’s ground-breaking crime-fighting program Project Greenlight develops real-time surveillance connections between the Detroit Police Department and local businesses. With cloud-connected HD security cameras installed in several strategic locations at participating businesses, police officers can instantly see video and respond faster when there’s an incident. And they can use high-resolution imagery to help them identify and arrest suspects, which was previously impossible. Project Greenlight also helps deter crime and makes citizens feel safer going into participating establishments. It’s a great example of how cities can improve public safety, citizens’ quality of life, and economic growth with today’s technologies.

Our CityNext partner Fireplan will also be at Smart City Expo. Fire fighters can use its digital solutions to help them assess exactly where a fire is located and the nearest fire hydrants. They can also see how many volunteers are needed and how many have already committed, so they can respond to emergency situations with greater insight and efficiency. They can even use Fireplan solutions to help them know precisely where they can cut into an electric vehicle’s frame—reducing the risk of electrocution—based on available vehicle data. 

We hope to see you at Smart City Expo where you can learn more about how you can make your community safer with solutions from Genetec, Fireplan, and many of our other CityNext partners. You’ll also be able to get behind the wheel of the Microsoft patrol car, which is helping law enforcement improve incident response and public safety. You can experience hands-on demonstrations of robots, dash cams, automatic license plate readers and other cloud-connected digital patrol solutions.

Learn more about how your city can take advantage of flexible, integrated, and trustworthy cloud solutions to improve your citizens’ quality of life while gaining data resiliency in The Digital Transformation of Government eBook.

And check out our event page for up-to-date details on what Microsoft and our CityNext partners are doing at SCEWC. Sign up now for our pre-day event on November 13, and request an on-site meeting with one or more of our subject matter experts.