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Why Modern IT Service Management Matters to Government Agencies

IT professionals at government agencies across the country face a similar challenge: how to modernize, streamline, and consolidate existing IT services and infrastructure to provide a better user experience.

As the demand for automated, self-service access to services grows by the day, patience for manual processes, slow service delivery times, and disparate data wanes.

What is Modern IT Service Management for Government?

Modern IT Service Management for Government is an evolved approach to IT service management (ITSM) that addresses the gap between traditional, on-premise IT systems and cloud-based systems. It increases operational efficiency and effectiveness by unifying the way data is captured, analyzed, and shared across an organization or agency. It provides an improved experience for both internal IT employees and external constituents.

The Promise of Modern Service Management for Government

Knowing their government agency requires regulatory compliance and efficiency reviews, CIOs and other IT stakeholders can leverage modern ITSM to achieve simplified, automated processes that minimize—and in some cases, eliminate—human error.

Agencies are better able to facilitate exceptional internal and external IT experiences, even with limited budgets and resources. Built-in best practices and workflows like ITIL® help government agencies focus on serving citizens and employees quickly and efficiently through:

Enhanced Collaboration

Shifting from a traditional, on-premise environment to the cloud removes departmental barriers by breaking down data silos between the various traditional ITSM disciplines– Incident Management, Change Management, Request Fulfillment, and Problem Management–which traditionally exist in multiple applications with no connections to self-service and knowledge management.

Automated workflows, app consolidation, and data unification lead to improved collaboration between Dev and Ops teams, while transparent reporting and visibility drive proactive, data-informed decision making.

Fully-Utilized Assets

Many IT investments across government agencies are spent maintaining on-premise, legacy software. A scalable, cloud-based ITSM solution ensures agility and responsiveness, allowing for fast, cost-efficient updates, issue resolutions, and reconfigurations.

With less effort going to maintenance and manual processes, IT teams have time to focus on high-value projects that increase productivity and effectiveness. Modern ITSM provides end-to-end visibility, so that IT teams can preemptively address issues, services, related assets, escalations, SLAs, histories and more—all in a single, intuitive dashboard.

Greater Effectiveness

Beyond simple cost savings and efficiency improvements, modern IT service management allows government agencies of all sizes to respond to changing needs, regulations, and mandates quickly.

By having visibility into assets and contracts through a single source of truth, agencies can accurately anticipate and respond to changes without fussing with code or getting bogged down with confusing administrative processes.

Get More Information about Modern IT Service Management for Government

Streamlined processes and collaboration, simple implementation, and ease of use have compounding effects in delivering a superior IT experience. Modern IT service management improves effectiveness through automation, self-service, and resource optimization—everything required of digital transformation.

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