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Greg Moore joins Microsoft Healthcare to lead emerging technology and alliances

Greg Moore headshot


Over the last year, I have had the privilege of meeting with a lot of interesting people who are dedicated to making a difference in healthcare. I find myself inspired by their passion, and I get especially excited by those people who are thinking hard about how to blend new technologies into the human process of healthcare delivery. I am therefore delighted to welcome just such a person to our healthcare leadership team, Dr. Gregory Moore, as Corporate Vice President, Health Technology and Alliances.

A central element of our healthcare strategy is to build alliances with leading healthcare organizations, to bring the worlds of research and product development more closely together. For example, our recently announced strategic partnership with the Walgreens Boots Alliance brings together synergistic R&D and new business models in a way that is aimed at creating more convenient, lower-cost access to healthcare for our families and communities. By working together with such partners, we make it possible to create meaningful positive change to human health at scale. As the saying goes, “it takes a village,” and nowhere is this truer than in the world of healthcare.

Clearly, managing such partner-focused collaborative efforts is one of the most important things we need to get right, and that starts with choosing the right leader. Greg will be taking on the key responsibility to shepherd the dedicated research and development collaborations with our strategic partners, to deliver next-generation technologies and experiences for healthcare. He will bring into these partnerships the new AI and machine learning solutions that are being developed across Microsoft, to enable personalized care and empower care teams. And he will help provide internal and external thought leadership that can lead to a more open, interoperable, and AI-infused foundation for healthcare delivery.

I first met Greg last summer as together we stood on stage in Washington, DC – Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM – where we pledged to remove interoperability barriers in healthcare. His experience as a clinician at Geisinger Health gave him firsthand experience of how the lack of liquidity of health data can adversely affect patient safety and physician productivity. Now, he joins our growing team of Microsoft Healthcare executives who are steeped in medical practice, technology innovation, and enterprise-grade services. He is a neuroradiologist by training and an accomplished researcher. He is also an incredibly warm-hearted person reflected by his professional and philanthropic endeavors. He cares deeply about improving healthcare and health equity – at a macro level (as a leader of large organizations) and at an individual patient level (as a doctor and researcher).

Greg Moore preparing for a Honduran village volunteer medical clinic in the home of a family who generously offered it for use for the day. 

Greg Moore preparing for a Honduran village volunteer medical clinic in the home of a family who generously offered it for use for the day.

The healthcare industry has made great strides over the last decade in helping digitize healthcare, and so the next ten will be about turning those assets into better health insights, experiences and outcomes. This is where we can make a big contribution. Cloud, AI and research capabilities will play a fundamental role towards the future. At Microsoft, we’re continuing to learn and grow every day from the extensive set of partnerships that we have had in healthcare: over 168,000 healthcare organizations in 140 countries.

I’m thrilled we have a strong team in place, and a growing set of partnerships, to create positive change. Health and wellbeing are central to our daily lives. New inventions developed with our partners using Microsoft AI and machine learning can create a better future and make healthcare delivery more personal, affordable and accessible.