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Building the future of medical imaging at RSNA 2022

Medical imaging has long been at the forefront of the adoption of digital tools in healthcare. Over the past three decades, radiology has evolved from an analog film-based workflow to leading the development and adoption of the most sophisticated health IT tools and workflows in the entire healthcare system.

The success of this evolution depended on the foresight of medical imaging leadership to make capital investments in powerful computing networks, which led to an unprecedented ability to share and ingest large imaging files across the healthcare enterprise to serve a growing digital-first clinical service. But while leading the digital transformation has led to tremendous advantages, newer challenges have emerged including ever-increasing imaging volumes with many different modalities, combinations, and sources of data, all of which challenge traditional health IT resources.

If history is any guide, we believe medical imaging will once again lead to another modern transformation, one that allows health systems to unlock the security, scalability, and elasticity of the cloud. As in other industries, migrating and integrating medical imaging workloads to the cloud, alongside clinical and other data, will achieve new levels of operational efficiency, break down data silos for advanced workflows and intelligent analytics, and finally, provide on-demand modern infrastructure to deliver AI and machine learning workloads that enable disease detection and improved precision care.1

This year at RSNA 2022, Microsoft + Nuance are excited to engage in conversations around how cloud technology, AI, and machine learning will change the future of the medical imaging industry.

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Here are a few of the key highlights of Microsoft + Nuance at RSNA 2022:

1. Join us on the symposium stage

Join us on Monday, November 28, 2022, from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM CT, in the South Building, Level 1, Room S101AB for a discussion on “From Discovery to Delivery: Integrating data with AI to bring precision therapies into practice” with Fredrick Gustavsson, Chief Technology Officer and VP of Product, Sectra; Dr. Matt Lungren, Chief Medical Information Officer, Nuance; Steven Borg, Senior Director, Health Data and AI, Microsoft Health and Life Sciences; and John Barto, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Microsoft Health and Life Sciences. Hear their thoughts on how we are using AI to discover insights in patient specific data early in the care continuum and deliver those insights directly into the radiologist workflow for targeted diagnosis.

2. Build with us in hands-on workshops

We’re excited to host a series of hands-on workshops with subject matter experts throughout RSNA 2022, covering topics like advancing responsible AI, empowering analytics, and taking the first step to migrate to the cloud.

A journey of a thousand miles: Taking the first step to migrate to the cloud (without interrupting your current flow)

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn that moving your data to the cloud doesn’t have to be daunting. You can start with a few simple additions to your current infrastructure and start seamlessly moving your data to the cloud. Register to join one of our three sessions—on November 27, November 28, or November 29.

Advancing responsible AI: Model building and deployment

Participants will gain behind-the-scenes access to the synergy between Microsoft and Nuance AI solutions. We will take attendees on an end-to-end journey from dataset curation, AI model building, checking the model for fairness and bias, model deployment, and post-deployment model monitoring. Register to join one of our four sessions—on November 27, November 28, November 29, or November 30.

Empower your analytics: Harnessing the power of AI to unlock meaning and deliver insights

In this workshop, you will discover how Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics and Microsoft Azure capabilities make it easy to extract, analyze, and report on your data, enabling improved outcomes, quality, and performance. Register to join one of our two sessions—on November 28 or November 29.

3. Join us in the Imaging AI in Practice booth

Learn more about AI in practice at the Imaging AI in Practice booth every afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 PM on the half hour for a demo walkthrough. The Imaging AI in Practice (IAIP) demonstration is an interoperability demonstration to showcase new technologies and communication standards needed to integrate AI into the diagnostic radiology workflow. The demonstration follows a fictional patient through a real-world clinical scenario involving both emergent and long-term care.

4. Meet us at the Microsoft+ Nuance booth

Join us in booth #3300, where we will highlight Microsoft + Nuance products and synergy. Come engage with us—we would love to share insights, discuss best practices, and answer all your questions. Learn more by requesting a meeting or demo in the booth.

Next Steps

We look forward to sharing more about how the Microsoft + Nuance vision comes to life to reimagine the medical imaging world and improve patient care. For more information and to register for workshops and sessions, please visit our registration page.

1Harnessing the outcomes-focused AI in radiology reporting: It all starts with data, Nuance.