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NAB 2023: Elevate media and entertainment with the Microsoft Cloud

The media and entertainment industry faces huge challenges to adapt. Streaming wars are costly, and consumers demand more. Platform companies that offer media services are leading the disruption and forcing traditional media companies to either become like them or join them. It is a race to diversify beyond traditional and existing monetization models to survive and thrive in this new disruption. Content PLUS technology is the new king. The new media product must combine great content and great tech to attract, retain, and monetize customers.

Microsoft and our partners collaborate with content owners and partners in the media and entertainment industry to help them achieve more with live video production and engagement powered by Microsoft Azure. We work with a broad ecosystem of partners who are at the forefront of broadcasting innovation to create cloud-based live broadcasts that can reach and engage viewers in new ways across different devices and platforms. We help our customers leverage technology to thrive in a challenging and competitive market where economic pressures are increasing and advanced capabilities are not only a source of differentiation but also a source of competitive advantage.

Microsoft is excited to again be a critical part of NAB 2023 starting April 15, 2023, in Las Vegas. With an approach rooted in partnership, we look to inspire companies at the pinnacle event of the global broadcast, media, and entertainment industry. Microsoft will have a strong presence bringing to life the stages of the media production workflow while demonstrating how to elevate live events with technology and user engagement. Visit our booth (W1529, West Hall) to see it all in action.

How Microsoft technology supports media transformation

The team at Microsoft understands more than any other in recent memory that it has a unique opportunity to support true media and entertainment transformation both behind and in front of the camera. Our customers are demanding more and thinking about what will drive their business in the next few years. Here is a snapshot of two areas in which we are thinking of our technology:

  1. Media Intelligence. While data is the new currency, technology is the enabler. By applying machine learning and AI algorithms, media companies will be able to provide more personalized recommendations for their users. This will lead to more targeted advertising and potentially more engagement with their content. Intelligent media workflows can help media organizations to reduce costs, increase productivity, and deliver higher quality content to their audiences. Deliver an informed customer journey to the consumer by inputting data into Azure AI.
  2. The Power of the Cloud. With a cloud-first approach, media companies can store and process large amounts of data, including video, audio, images, and text, in a secure and scalable manner. They can also access cloud-based tools and services that can help them optimize their content production, distribution, and monetization workflows. Overall, a cloud-first approach enables media companies to focus on their core business of creating and distributing high-quality content, while leaving the technical details of storage, processing, and delivery to the cloud providers.

Powerful Microsoft and partner demos in the booth

Experience the power of content PLUS technology in action, through the stages of the media production workflow, at our booth (W1529, West Hall).

Ingest and acquisition

Creating a compelling story starts with high quality content. Leveraging our Azure Stack HCI, Support Partners in collaboration with and Cinnafilm have created a software defined broadcasting platform allowing for the easy acquisition of content from ground to cloud via Azure Arc. As production work is a team sport, these partners have integrated Microsoft Teams and created operational dashboards allowing for the easy management of all aspects of your production.

Today, we are also faced with the fact that not all video is a simple rectangle. This is why Microsoft has partnered with Red and Meta to deliver an 8K spherical video from the show floor to a Meta Quest Pro headset via Azure; allowing you to experience the future of immersive, high-quality video.

Creation and production

Whether your content is live or on demand, experience demonstrations of tools from a wide range of partners to meet your content creation needs. All partners leverage the best of Azure, Azure Stack Edge, and Microsoft Teams technologies to create a responsive and collaborative environment. Avid highlights a cloud-based video editing platform, that integrates with Microsoft Teams and Azure Storage, to collaborate from anywhere, gather feedback and deliver content fast. Evertz demonstrates their virtual live production studio, BRAVO Studio powered by Azure, that enables content creators to deliver high-quality live experiences on any platform, from anywhere. Witness how Teradici delivers high-performance remote visualization capabilities for graphics-intensive applications and workloads on Azure instances. Blackbird enables cloud-native video editing in a browser with fast access, collaboration, and distribution of content on Azure. Lumen offers a global network infrastructure that connects media workflows across different cloud environments, including Azure. 

Finally, collaboration does not start once the content is in the cloud. Evercast shows off their video collaboration platform that allows remote creators to securely stream their work in HD and collaborate live with real-time footage reviews, on screen drawing, and time stamped notes (including surface devices), all while on the go. 

Encoding and packaging

Enable content creators and distributors to deliver high-quality content to audiences across a wide range of platforms and devices​. Harmonic is a leading provider of video streaming solutions that enable cloud streaming and broadcast services with exceptional quality and efficiency. Harmonic collaborates with Microsoft on content creation by offering its VOS360 Live Streaming platform on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This platform allows content creators to launch live streaming services quickly and securely via any Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Distribution and engagement

Enable content creators and distributors to reach wider audiences, build brand recognition, and unlock new revenue streams.​ Understand and meet the changing customer demands while building loyalty through personalized and unique engagement. Accenture  demonstrates how to land the end-to-end live events workflow, while Alice & Smith highlights solutions leveraging Azure Playfab and Ease Live (an Evertz company) to connect with your customers across their lives. PWC displays a few demos featuring solutions for environmental, social, and governance (ESG), smart venues and digital twins, and their Digital Network Operations Center (DNOC) Solutions. See everything from climate change reporting to personalizing experiences and optimizing operations using AI, analytics, and digital twins. 

We look forward to discussing how Microsoft’s extended partnership with OpenAI will transform every aspect of the media pipeline. Our partner Prime Focus Technologies  highlights solutions powered by the whole Microsoft AI portfolio, including Azure OpenAI, that span the production and media supply chain.  

Our commitment to the industry

As media organizations pursue the transition to a cloud-first future, Microsoft will continue to help our customers navigate the blurring lines between broadcasting, commerce, engagement, and gaming.

Our commitment to innovation in media extends beyond NAB 2023 and around the world; get the latest updates and thought leadership on our dedicated media Twitter channel.

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